About Us

Binamite was built from our team’s own need for a flexible crypto payment solution. In a sense, Binamite was designed by the hundreds of professionals across the Web3 landscape we’ve taken inputs from – the people Binamite was designed for. However, at its core, Binamite is a team of blockchain enthusiasts, and we believe the best way to find utility in crypto is to make it easy for people to get their hands on it.

A broad perspective

Binamite is a globally dispersed team of individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures. As a company, we promote and support highly inclusive and non-discriminatory values. At Binamite, we believe being open to ideas is fundamental to running a successful business, making a broad perspective essential.

Flat and decentralized

Binamite is where remote work meets the freedom to do your own thing. Being a fully remote team working in different timezones, it’s important for us to give each other the space to work when it works for us. Some prefer their bedrooms, others, a cafe or coworking space. Either way, Binamite gives its employees the freedom to work on their terms.

We know how work works

Sharing resources with our sister company, Octaloop, a marketing and consulting firm for blockchain projects, we understand the intricacies of both technical and non-technical work. Having worked with projects from all corners of the Web3 space, we understand work and how it gets done.

All ears

As a startup, we’re always looking for better ways to work, and with how Binamite is structured, every employee gets a say in how things run around here. We’re eager to learn and evolve, and truly believe that listening is the first step towards that goal.

Meet the Team

Abdulla Ahammed

Business Development Associate

Anupam Varshney


Avni Bakshi

Business Development Manager

Gitansh Wadhwa

Lead Backend Developer

Govind Dhiman

UI/UX Designer

Jason Crasto

Community MANAGER

Madhur Tyagi

Business Development Specialist

Manu Naik

Head of Strategy and Content

Rhea Aranha


Srijan Someshwar

Visual Artist

Sumeet Pandit

Events Specialist

Unnat Kumar


Vaibhav Agrawal

Product Manager